Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Jiangsu Province and Head of the United Front Work Department Yang Yue Investigated Shenghong Petrochemical

To deeply promote the advantageous industrial chain coordinated by the provincial leaders, an industrial chain enhancement team of the chemical fiber industry led by Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Jiangsu Province and Head of the United Front Work Department Yang Yue came to Shenghong Petrochemical Industry Park on April 15, and the team carried out special investigation in the park. Deputy Head of the United Front Work Department of Jiangsu Province and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Jiangsu Province Gu Wanfeng, and leaders of Lianyungang City Xiang Xuelong, Lu Gang and Huang Yuanzheng, participated in the investigation. Chairman of Shenghong Group Miao Hangen received the investigation team.

The team led by Head of the United Front Work Department Yang Yue carefully visited the central control room of Sailboat Petrochemical, the site of the PTA Phase II project of Ganghong Petrochemical, the site of the Shenghong Refining and Chemical Integration Project, etc., learnt the details on the project construction and the corporate production and operation. They comprehensively exchanged views on the prospect of the project, the industrial situation and the important plans with Chairman Miao Hangen.

Chairman Miao Hangen described the development of the high end whole industrial chain of Shenghong Group from printing, dyeing and chemical fibers to petrochemical, refining and chemical in detail. He also introduced the group’s specific plan for the high end petrochemical industry field including new chemical materials and special chemicals. Chairman Miao Hangen said that Shenghong Group would comprehensively build “three major world level industrial bases” and “two major global research and development centers”, spare no effort to promote the green transformation and upgrade of the industry and strive to set a good example, be a model enterprise and maintain the leading positions in the high quality development of Jiangsu Province during the 14th Five Year Plan period with the constant accelerative promotion of the important projects such as the Shenghong Refining and Chemical Integration Project and the continuous improvement of corporate independent research, development and innovation capabilities.

In the investigation process, Head of the United Front Work Department Yang Yue affirmed that Shenghong Group had seized the development opportunity, promoted its major projects and built the whole chemical fiber industry chain ecology. He also talked about the requirements for further promoting the chemical fiber industry development. He pointed out that the industrial chain enhancement team and the local government should serve the construction of the important projects and pragmatically enhance the development level of the chemical fiber industry chain of Jiangsu Province.

◆First, find the difference between the first rate international level and your level. Understand the trend and characteristics of the industrial chain, work hard to stabilize and improve the advantageous positions of the chemical fiber industry of Jiangsu Province, constantly extend the industrial chain to the middle and high end and enhance the international competitive force of the industrial chain.

Second, highlight the problem orientation. Comprehensively understand and deeply analyze the suggestions and requirements from the enterprises, accurately serve the leading enterprises, strengthen the key links, enhance the supportive capability, stabilize and strengthen the industrial chain by extending the industrial chain, and form an advantageous industry cluster.

Third, research a batch of special more favorable supportive policies. Adopt more specific policies and measures in many aspects such as investment promotion, innovative capability, technological breakthroughs, talent introduction and platform construction, etc.

Fourth, pragmatically promote the project construction. Comprehensively ensure all the elements of the projects, implement the projects as soon as possible, vigorously build a chemical fiber industry base with nationwide influence and make contributions to the local economic development and the competitive force improvement of the province-wide industrial chain.