Registration requirements

(I) abide by the rules and regulations, conduct good behavior, integrity and honesty, hard work, cooperation and style, and have a good professional quality.

(2) healthy and energetic, with strong innovation and creative ability, organization and coordination ability, outstanding work performance.

(3) have a good psychological quality, have a certain hardship spirit, not afraid of hard work, not afraid of failure, can bear certain work pressure.

(4) apply for the position of manager, deputy manager, director and deputy director, generally under 40 years of age, especially excellent, and may be relaxed appropriately; Apply for the position of supervisor, monitor and deputy monitor, generally under 35 years of age, especially excellent, can be relaxed appropriately; Other workers are under 35 years old.

(5) deputy monitor and monitor: relevant post work experience over 5 years, same job experience is preferred.

(6) after the physical examination is qualified, it can provide the proof of labor relations to be employed.

registration way

1.This recruitment announcement is made public through the network (the website of shenghong petrochemical group co., LTD. And relevant recruitment websites) to accept personal registration or recommendation.

2.Applicants can log in Shenghong petrochemical company's web site, download the registration form "applicant to fill out, sent via E mail to jiang seuss state petrochemical co., LTD., the human resources recruitment email, please indicate the email subject - position name -" apply for company to apply for department name - the name ". Do not accept site, telephone, letter, etc.

3.The Sailboat petrochemical receives the registration email: or;

4.Shenghong petrochemical received E-mail:

The relevant requirements

1.Each candidate can only apply for one position. If you obey the adjustment, please indicate in the entry form.

2. Applicants should fill in "registration form" applicant and paste electronic color photographs of recent interview shall provide the following materials: id card, diploma/degree certificate, certificate of professional and technical titles/practice certificate, certificates, such as the original, and submit a copy of the said materials and written materials in recent years, the main work performance (use A4 paper).

3. The applicant should be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials. Any fraud, once verified, is to cancel the qualification or qualification of the interview.

Related instructions

1. The salary and welfare of the employee company shall be implemented according to the corresponding post standard of shenghong petrochemical company.

2. During the application process, shenghong petrochemical will keep confidential the relevant information of the applicant.

3. After receiving your application, the company will notify the applicant within one month if it feels right. Please wait patiently.

4. Shenghong petrochemical is not responsible for arranging the employment of the spouse and children of the hired staff, and the company may prioritize the interview if it meets the requirements.