Enterprise mission: development of enterprise customer satisfaction Ezawa employee benefit society


Development of Enterprises -- Sheng Hong as a large private group, the primary goal is to enhance the strength of the continuous development, the only way to win a space for one person in the fierce market competition, in order to become a solid foundation for the world first-class enterprises.

Satisfied customers -- customers are Shenghong development the most trustworthy partner, each a customer support has pushed the progress of enterprises. Sheng Hong has always been the spirit of the concept of good faith, to provide quality products and services, sincere cooperation with every customer, customer satisfaction is the greatest achievement of Shenghong business development.

Ezawa employees -- the staff is always the Sheng Hong's most valuable asset, each spanning Shenghong all cannot do without all the employees to work hard. Sheng Hong always adhere to share the fruits of development and employee, the enterprise achievements benefit the employee.

The benefit of the community -- society is the foundation of enterprise development, Sheng Hong has for many years by the image of a responsible to fulfill the economic responsibility, legal responsibility, social responsibility, environmental responsibility. Enterprises in the creation of wealth but also actively participate in public welfare undertakings, promoting social progress and development.

Our vision: to establish the first brand in the industry to create the world first-class enterprises


Shenghong group aims to be an industrial structure is reasonable, scientific management mode, excellent corporate culture, core competitiveness prominent cross regional, cross industry, diversification, internationalization modern enterprise group.

To reach the leading domestic, international advanced level in the printing and dyeing and chemical business areas, to achieve the market share of the first, the textile development to extend the industrial chain, the hotel industry and real estate industry healthy development, establish the first brand in the industry; developing the enterprise development space with global vision, to change from one investment development as active into the international market, the implementation of multi point layout, construction of the system of international advanced technologies with independent intellectual property rights, corporate success out of the country, to the world.

Enterprise spirit: sincere, pragmatic innovation, transcendence


Chengde -- Sheng Hong Group in good faith, good cooperation between internal employees to treat employees, a matter of conscience; foreign credit, to fully trust the government, suppliers, customers, financial institutions and even the whole society. Shenghong group ned employees, to create hope and future for the staff; outer de society, creating harmony and progress for the society.

Pragmatic -- Sheng Hong group training a large number of work to seek truth from facts, diligent, accurate and realistic employee. Sheng 虹人 continuous learning progress in the work, and strive to improve self quality and training, better able to complete the job, advocate hard work, practice the ideal, actions speak louder than words, refine on, fulfill their duties.

Innovation -- Sheng Hong Group seize the opportunities for innovation, in the face of new problems, new challenges, new situation, new opportunities, innovation system, innovation management, innovation, dare to break the normal procedure, the courage to take risks. Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the prosperity of Sheng Hong group, continue to create economic and social benefits.

Beyond -- Sheng Hong group is never satisfied with the status quo, moment mind corporate vision, to set new goals, new benchmarking, cherish and grasp the opportunity, to continuously pursue, constant progress, continuous development. Beyond, is not only beyond the competitors, the more important is to constantly go beyond the self, always striving for a goal.

Core values: quality integrity and win-win


Shenghong group carried out the details of management, the quality management concept into the details of the process, refinement to every system, through daily management behavior, to shape the brand with quality, persistent development of enterprises, the enterprise forever evergreen.

Shenghong Group uphold the "honest first, Pepsi letter oriented" ideas, to see the world in "honesty", treat people with sincerity, to the letter Li matter, a matter of conscience, keep the promise.

On the internationalization track Cheng Hong group, the constant pursuit of common development of enterprises and employees, enterprises and create customer value, enterprise and society of common prosperity, so that enterprises with all of their stakeholders and win-win business in a harmonious state, sharing the results.