Candidates not to stick to one pattern with people because only use

Others love interest for educating and double back


Talent is the first capital of enterprise development. Shenghong group efforts to build the growth and development for every employee to provide a platform to display their talent, space.

Shenghong group in personnel selection, advocated "not to stick to one pattern with talents", advocating free competition in a fair, open, justice atmosphere, focusing on the development of potential employees and comprehensive quality, in the talent selection focus on performance, appoint people on their merit.

Sheng Hong group of employing the concept of the perfect embodiment of me thought: make the best use of people, as below. Wide accept expostulation, understand and use, treat employees, with the trust, acceptance, appreciation view of employees, employers do not suspect, the suspect not, understand people, care staff.

Shenghong group efforts to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere of the enterprise, with first class humanistic environment of others; let the staff have a sense of achievement in work, with the first class career by others; "for competition, internal fairness" compensation system, with the first-class treatment.

Sheng Hong group and double back as the highest pursuit of staff training. Only those, moral capital; in Germany, only the handsome. Sheng Hong group is the cultivation of have both ability and political integrity employee social school.