Walk Into Donghai County and Rest the Body and Mind——Shenghong Petrochemical Group Organized Recreational Activities for Frontline Workers

From December 19th to December 22nd, Shenghong Petrochemical Company union together with Lianyungang general trade union, general trade union of Xu Wei New District, organized 49 front-line workers to come to Donghai Forest Hot Spring Holiday Resort to take part in a recuperation activity of four days. This activity was held according to the unified arrangement made by the municipal trade union, mainly serving for outstanding frontline staffs in the grass-roots enterprises and institutions who were engaged in bitter, dirty, tired, and dangerous work. The activity can recover the psychophysical energy of staffs through keeping good health with hot spring, fun expansion activities, sight-seeing of Xi Shuang Lake and etc., indicating the companys people-oriented spirit. On the morning of 20th, staffs first experienced keeping good health through hot spring recuperation. Donghai Forest Hot Spring Resort is located in Jiangsu Donghai Li Nian Forest Farm and is a hidden paradise covering an area of almost 10000 mu. When enjoying the hot spring, all the staffs said that this was the first time they had took part in a group activity like this and that they felt this activity meaningful and exicting. Everybody breathed the fresh air as much as they liked and felt the rich health preserving culture. On the morning of 21st, in the fun expansion training Cosplay of Counter Strike, after listening to the instructors explanation of the rules of Cosplay of Counter Strike, staffs divided themselves into two teams of War wolf and Fierce tiger and carried out the Position Attack and Defense Battle. Under the lead of the captain, the two teams actively studied tactics and deployed personnel, giving full play to the team cohesion and fighting capacity. The two sides both relied on collective strength and carried out an exciting battle with each other. After four rounds of actual combats including individual competition and team competition, this expansion activity ended in a tie between the team War wolf and Fierce tiger. During the activity, there were also other various forms of relaxation projects such as sightseeing, grass skating, shooting, playing the Popkart games, and so on.

Although the recreational activity was only of four days, but it had given us a wonderful and deep impression. I want to express my gratitude to the company for giving us such a chance of recreation which let us have a sense of ownership in work and the faith of Working is the most honorable thing. In the spare time after work, we staffs not only relieved the mind and body but also enhanced mutual understanding and solidarity between each other through this recreation activity, one staff said, It is hoped that the company can carry out more such kind of activities in the future and we will bring more enthusiasm to our work, further arouse our enthusiasm for work with a more energetic spirit, release creative potentials, show our talents on and dedicate ourselves to our respective posts.