People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency "Like" Sheng Hong: The motor of the No. 1 plant is spinning, and the water is flowing in thousands of enterprises

In recent days, the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other central media have focused on Sheng Hong’s various powerful measures to fight the epidemic and ensure production, which has demonstrated the responsibility and sense of responsibility, struggle and cooperation of Sheng Hong people in the fight against the epidemic, which is a war without gunpowder.Praise for dedication!

The "People's Daily" published on February 10 published a special report "Lianyungang Silbang Petrochemical-Fully Running to Guarantee Supply".

On February 8, in the Lianyungang Petrochemical Industrial Base in Jiangsu Province, the data of each production device was displayed on the screen of the central control room of Jiangsu Silbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. These devices were running at full capacity and operating stably at full capacity.The company's general manager Bai Wei said that because of the relatively reasonable production plan for the epidemic before the holiday, the company's production requires sufficient raw materials and on-duty personnel."Currently, Serbon Petrochemical has more than 1,500 employees sticking to the front line." Bai Wei said.

On the console of the acrylonitrile production control system, the reporter saw that two sets of devices and four production lines were producing at full capacity. The data showed that the average daily output could reach more than 1,500 tons.These products are transported to the wharf through pipelines for loading on vehicles and ships.After multi party coordination and contact, the products are continuously sent to downstream manufacturers, which greatly alleviates the shortage of raw materials for downstream manufacturers.

Bai Wei introduced that in response to product logistics problems, on the one hand, temporary storage tanks were rented out, and shipyards were used to relieve product inventory pressure; on the other hand, the equipment load was adjusted according to the difficulty of product warehousing and transportation, and more products that were easy to store were produced.For solid chemicals, lower the load of liquid chemicals that are difficult to sell.For employees who need to be isolated and observed, they are arranged to work remotely from home, and the normal operation of marketing work is ensured through the mode of shifting on duty.

In the face of the epidemic, Serbon has focused on ensuring the production and supply of medical and anti epidemic materials by adjusting plans and tapping production capacity.Since February, the company has produced a total of 25,000 tons of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer), butadiene, propylene and ethylene oxide products. These products are mainly used in the production of medical masks, protective clothing, and rubber gloves.The supply of raw materials for downstream manufacturers of epidemic prevention materials has been improved.On February 13, Xinhua News Agency reported that Shenghong Group responded scientifically to the epidemic and made every effort to ensure production, and praised Shenghong for "the motor of the first factory was spinning, and the water flowed in thousands of enterprises."In the Shenghong Petrochemical Industrial Park, Lianyungang National East, Central and Western Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone, the workshop of Serbon Petrochemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenghong Group, is busy.

The Shenghong Group, headquartered in Wujiang, Jiangsu, is a Fortune 500 company in China and a national level innovative high tech industrial cluster group with petrochemical, textile, and energy as its main industries. At present, the group's subsidiaries have basically resumed work.Lianyungang is an important base for its petrochemical industry.The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer), acrylonitrile, butadiene produced by this company... products that sound jerky are all "mainstays" of industrial production, related to automobiles, home appliances, textiles, photovoltaics, and rubber., Sheet metal, medical and many other downstream industry enterprises.

The reporter saw in the central control room of Serbon Petrochemical that the production equipment was running at full capacity and running smoothly.In the EVA finished product workshop, 5 automatic packaging lines are filled and packed at the same time, and bags of hot melt products are delivered to the delivery area through the conveyor belt; two sets of acrylonitrile devices and four production lines for anti epidemic supplies are "full fire".

The machine is spinning, and people are "speeding up".Before the Spring Festival, the company formulated a production plan for the epidemic. At present, raw materials and on duty personnel are relatively sufficient to ensure the supply of raw materials to nearly 2,000 downstream enterprises.It can be said that the motor of the first factory is spinning, and thousands of enterprises are flowing.At present, the epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period. Shenghong Group will adhere to the prevention and control and production of "two hands, no mistakes", with stronger confidence, more tenacious will, and more decisive measures to implement prevention and control measures.More detailed, more practical, and more in place, make production and operation better, more full, and more stable, and continue to contribute Shenghong's strength to win the battle against the epidemic!